Paul Goodman Bike Contest winners announced!

For Immediate Release: Falmouth, Maine – December 14, 2010 ­­­­

JSL FILMS Announces Winners for Bicycle Contest To Encourage Transportation Alternatives

JSL Films, producer of the documentary Paul Goodman Changed My Life, has chosen the two winners of its web-based contest to help encourage local transportation alternatives.  The winners will each receive a new commuter bicycle, donated by Breezer Bikes in the US and Biomega Bikes in Europe.

They are:

Guillermo Rozenblat of Miami Beach, Florida

Guillermo is from Argentina, a recent graduate of the Miami International University of Art & Design, and currently owns and operates a Design and Web Studio named Rock&Bone.

Justin Hyatt of Budapest, Hungary

Justin works and campaigns in the area of sustainable urban mobility. Currently he coordinates "Social Bike Business Budapest" and is a member of an NGO called ZöFi. He is also a writer and translator and occasionally a lecturer.

To win a new bicycle, contestants were asked to submit five proposals to their local government (mayor, city council, etc.) to enhance forms of transportation that do not contribute to global warming.

The contest was held with the support of the Alliance for Biking & Walking, the World Carfree Network, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, and Dissent Magazine. The bicycles were donated by Breezer Bikes in the US and Biomega in Europe.

Paul Goodman, with his brother Percival, was the co-author of “Banning Cars in Manhattan,” a 1961 proposal to improve New York’s streets by eliminating private auto traffic. Half a century later, his ideas are now heralded as being before their time, with limiting traffic in city centers becoming more and more common.